About Fabric Scout Studio

Susan Vanderveen, the dedicated owner of Fabric Scout Studio, has a deep-seated passion for plaid and a talent for transforming the old into something wonderfully new. Her days begin with a walk through the Michigan countryside fields with her border collie, Kit, and a cup of coffee, setting the stage for her creative endeavors. She then retreats to her barn-turned studio, a place where her sewing machine hums in harmony with her creativity. Surrounded by textiles and trims that echo the plaid patterns of her carpet, and walls adorned with tins of vintage buttons, her workspace is a testament to her love for all things vintage, cabin, and comfort.

 Susan Vanderveen, - Fabric Scout Studio

 With a degree in Interior Design & Textile Design, Susan spent years working in the field while raising her children, but her heart was always set on crafting her own line of items that reflect her enthusiasm for vintage aesthetics and the cozy, cabin lifestyle. The joy of running her own business and living her dream every day is a profound source of happiness for her.

 Susan's designs are infused with a woodsy cabin aesthetic, designed to make anyone feel warm and at ease amidst textures and patterns that are timelessly classic. Her work not only brings delight to those who cherish connections to memorable places but also evokes stories and happy memories, especially when displayed in a favorite chair or nook.

The joy of connecting with others through design, story, and a mutual love of home continually inspires Susan, driving her passion for creating. Each day in her studio, with the inspiring view of the countryside and the company of Kit, is a new opportunity to craft something that brings warmth and joy into the lives of her customers.