Collection: Vintage Quilts and Coats

Add a touch of nostalgic charm to your home decor or wardrobe with our curated collection of vintage quilts and one-of-a-kind repurposed denim jackets.

The handcrafted quilts showcase intricate patchwork designs in a delightful array of colors and patterns, each telling a unique story through the lovingly stitched fabrics. Wrap yourself in the warmth and comfort of these timeless treasures, perfect for draping over a sofa, adorning a bed, or displaying as a cherished work of folk art.

For a truly distinctive fashion statement, our upcycled denim jacket is sure to turn heads. This white denim piece features a beautifully quilted star on the back, adding a touch of Americana flair. Quilted embellishments on the collar and cuffs provide an extra element of texture and visual interest. Wear this jacket to express your individual style while appreciating the creative repurposing of vintage materials.

Both the quilts and jacket in this collection are not only beautiful and functional but also sustainable choices that give new life to pre-loved textiles. By incorporating these unique pieces into your home or clothing rotation, you are celebrating the artistry of the past while reducing waste in the present. Invest in a piece of history with our thoughtfully selected vintage quilts and repurposed denim jacket.

Vintage Quilts and Coats