Collection: Blankets

Explore our curated collection of Vintage and Pendleton Style Blankets, where each piece weaves together warmth, heritage, and timeless design. Our selection features classic Vintage Plaid Blankets, rich in nostalgia and crafted from durable materials, perfect for adding a cozy and elegant touch to your home. Alongside these, discover our iconic Pendleton Style Blankets, celebrated for their high-quality wool, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns inspired by Native American and American West heritage.

This collection is a tribute to tradition and craftsmanship, offering both aesthetic beauty and practical warmth. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your decor, a cozy companion for chilly nights, or a meaningful gift that carries a story, our blend of vintage charm and cultural richness is sure to enchant. Dive into our selection and find the perfect blanket to infuse your space with warmth, history, and style.